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The Fine Posture support team is ready to respond to you. Our goal is to satisfy you dear ones and we are happy for you to share any problems with our team immediately..

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The Fine Posture device has a 30-day test period and a return warranty, which means that if you cancel your purchase within 30 days for any reason, you can return the goods and the full cost will be refunded to you. (Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.)


The warranty period time is listed on the warranty card, and the start time is from the product activation date and the end time is 12 months after the activation date. Any problems that occur as a result of improper use of the device or items outside the compatibility and standards set for the device or non-compliance with the instructions in the device manual are not covered by the warranty. Any payment for damage due to improper use of the device or failure to follow the instructions in the manual is the responsibility of the user.